One Camp

The purpose of One Camp is to connect children from different communities and build relationships through shared experiences and sports. One Camp will include 40 students from Winnetka (a mix of rising 6th and rising 7th graders), 40 students from Waukegan (a mix of rising 6th and rising 7th graders), a group of New Trier student athlete leaders, a group of Waukegan High student athlete leaders, and an assortment of support staff from the Winnetka Park District and Waukegan Park District. The camp is entirely free of charge to all staff and participants and all meals, transportation, equipment will be provided through the support of the Winnetka Parks Foundation.

One Camp will be run by a select group of student athlete leaders from the New Trier and Waukegan High communities. These student athlete leaders were selected by their respective athletic director as an individual that is well-suited for this leadership opportunity. These student athlete leaders will be positive role models to the Winnetka and Waukegan children selected as camp participants.

New Trier High School and Waukegan High School student athlete leaders will take part in a few Zoom meetings to plan the camp experiences, propose the facilities to be used, and identify the sports to be played. The student leaders will shape the camp experience to be something valuable and impactful for the camp participants. After completing the One Camp planning, Waukegan and New Trier student athlete leaders will participate in the four-day camp by traveling to each camp location to serve as camp leaders. The efforts of the student leaders will impact this camp and its participants long after the completion of their high school careers.

Applications for the 80 (40 from Winnetka and 40 from Waukegan) camper openings will be made available by the end of February 2022. Selected applicants will be notified by the end of March 2022.

Please contact your local park district representative with any questions about One Camp.


Kyle Berg
Superintendent of Recreation
Winnetka Park District

Kaitlin Fischer
Manager of Sports and Fitness
Waukegan Park District